Werewolf vs. Lycan: What’s The Difference? 10 Facts

The werewolf and the lycan are two different creatures from legend or folklore. Even though they both change from people to wolves, there are big differences between the two.

What is Lycan?

It is a character from mythology who can change from a person into a wolf. A deliberate change of form can happen anywhere and at any time. In other words, a lycan can change its form whenever it wants to.

Some people think that Lycans came from Transylvania. But it has been around since the time of the Greek city-states.

In Greek mythology, Lycan is a naked man who walks around the streets, biting everyone he meets.

In other Greek stories, it is called madness. Lycan is a short form of the word “lycanthropy,” which is a mental disorder in which a person thinks he is a wolf.

It is also used to talk about rabies, a virus that can spread to people through animal bites, especially from stray dogs.

Werewolf vs. Lycan

As the old Lycan stories were told from one generation to the next, they changed over time. So a story about a man who changes into a wolf came to be.

When a Lycan bites a human, the human turns into a Lycan.

When a lycan bites a person, the pain is so bad that it feels like the whole body is on fire. But the pain is only short-term.

After being bitten, the person changes into a wolf and can only go back to being a person if his maker tells him to.

Lycans are intelligent, muscular, and difficult to eliminate. They look like wolves, but they are bigger and have very sharp claws. They are part of a religious ceremony.

Silver is the only thing a Lycan can’t handle. It can’t kill them, though. They can only be killed by hurting their spine or separating their head from their spine.

The film Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, which came out on January 23, 2009, brought the mythical character of Lycan into the public eye.

What is Werewolf?

It is a mythical character that turns into a wolf on a full moon night and hunts people, animals, and dead bodies.

But the person in question has nothing to do with a change like that. It just happens and can’t be stopped. After the night is over, the person goes back to being a human.

The idea of werewolves comes from old English folklore, which grew in the Americas after the Spanish came and settled there.

This claim is also backed up by the fact that the word “werewolf” comes from a mix of two different old English words. “Wer,” which means “man,” and “Wulf,” which means “wolf,” are the words.

If a werewolf bites someone, that person turns into a werewolf. During metamorphosis, the body of the person in question goes through major changes.

His bones stretch and change shape with such force that they sometimes tear the skin. The process takes a few minutes and ends with a wolf that stands like a person.

Werewolves, like Lycans, are stronger, faster, and more agile than people. They have very good senses that let them find anything.

Even though they can heal themselves, silver can kill them.

Use silver to shoot or stab a werewolf in the heart or head. Shooting the werewolf is a safer option because it keeps the person from getting scratched or bitten by it.

The werewolf phenomenon can be caused by food poisoning, hypertrichosis (a genetic disease that causes hair to grow in an abnormal way), rabies, or hallucinations.

Another medical reason for werewolf mania is Pitt-Hopkins syndrome, which was discovered in 1978. It is a medical condition in which the person has seizures, trouble breathing, aphonia paralytica, and other problems with their thinking.

Werewolf vs. Lycan

But in the past, there were no scientific explanations for these things. So, mythical monsters like werewolves were used to describe these diseases that couldn’t be explained.

Still, werewolves are now just one of many scary things that people think of. Most of their fame comes from the 1941 Hollywood movie “The Wolf Man.”

What is the theory behind lycanthropes and werewolves?

Lycanthropes and werewolves are basically people who can change between being human and being an animal. This means they have the same organs as people, including a brain.

The brain of a lycanthrope or werewolf will stay the same while in that shape (human or animal). Lycanthropes and werewolves, on the other hand, do not act like animals because they have brains from both humans and animals.

This means that they can think like people but still have animal instincts. It is known that lycanthropes change when the moon is full, but they can change at any time of day if they haven’t seen the sun for a long time.

People think that sunlight stops them from changing because it “disrupts” the chemical reaction that makes them change.

When a lycanthrope or werewolf is in the sun for a long time, it causes severe burns on their skin and stops their transformation.

Main Distinctions Between a Werewolf and Lycan

  • Werewolves and Lycans are both mythical creatures that turn people into wolves. But in the case of Lycans, the change happens when the person wants it to. In the case of werewolves, the change doesn’t happen on purpose.
  • A lycan can change shape anywhere and at any time. On a night when there is a full moon, a werewolf will change.
  • Lycans come from Greece. On the other hand, werewolves come from England.
    When a lycan changes, it looks like a big, sharp-clawed wolf. On the outside, a werewolf looks like a wolf with the stance of a man.
  • To kill a Lycan, you have to hurt his head or pull it off of his spine. You can kill a werewolf by shooting him or sticking silver into his head or heart.

Key Differences Between Lycan And Werewolf

TransformationAnytimeFull moon only
CreationGeneration of human and werewolfWhen bitten another werewolf
Power factorReligious spiritualityWitchcraft
Term originGreek mythologyOld English
Physical strengthMoreLess
Muscular bodyYesNo
KillingBy forceBy stabbing silver in the heart
Transformation controlYesNo



Werewolves and lycans are both legendary monsters that people often mix up because they have a lot in common. On the other hand, when lycans change, they become more human, while werewolves don’t.

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