Seminar vs. Lecture: 6 Differences, Definition, Explanation

Both lecture and seminar are often used interchangeably when talking about which is better. A student in a teacher’s class might be listening to a lecture or a seminar.

The main difference between a seminar and a lecture is that in a seminar, students give educational or intellectual talks instead of the teacher.

The lecture, on the other hand, is a meeting that is only for the students’ understanding and in which they must take an active part.

What is the Seminar?

A seminar is a training event where people talk about a certain subject. The seminar will last three to four hours and have only one session. There could be between 50 and 60 people in that one class.

In a seminar, the professor doesn’t lead the conversation; instead, the students do it, and the professor just keeps an eye on things.

There can be hundreds of people in a seminar, but if it’s just for college, there will only be one professor and 20 people.

What is a Lecture?

A lecture is a talk given to students in schools and other places to teach them something. The lecture is all about one thing, and the professor only talks about that one thing.

Seminar vs. Lecture

A lecture can last an hour and be broken up into several parts to cover all the details of the subject.

Depending on how many people can fit in the lecture room, 100–200 students can attend a lecture.

During the lecture, the students must be quiet and cannot talk. They can just write down what the professor says and pay close attention.

Comparison Chart

PurposeIt is an educational meeting between professor and student, considered a training.Educational and informational talk for the students of school or college
DurationThe seminar has only one session, but it can go up to three to four hoursThe lecture can behalf to one hour but can have many different sessions
ApproachThe seminar has a professional approachThe lecture has a theoretical and practical approach
Professor’s RoleProfessors are there to only check the progress and discussion of studentsDelivering the information about a specific topic to the students
Student’s RoleStudents are active and can take part in the discussionThe student remains to be quiet and listens to the professor carefully
SilenceIn seminars, the discussion is held between the professor and the studentsThe lecture is quiet, as an only professor can talk

Key Differences Between Seminar and Lecture

A lecture is a speech that is given by one person, usually a professor. In a seminar, the students are the ones who talk, while the professor only has a small role.

The lecturer gives the talk, and the students write down what they hear. During a lecture, the students can ask questions and get answers right away. In a seminar, the professor’s only job is to keep an eye on the class and lead it.

In a lecture, the lecturer talks about the subject, but in a seminar, the subject is talked about in more depth. In a seminar, unlike in a lecture, the topics are discussed in detail. Seminars also help people come up with new theories and ideas.

During a lecture, most students stay quiet. In a seminar, on the other hand, students talk with each other. Most lectures are given to large groups of students, like 100 to 150. Most seminars are held in small groups.

Even though students don’t have to take part in a lecture, it may be interactive at times. For instance, students could be put into groups and given different tasks that have to do with the subject.

At the same time, a student should always learn from the professor. One way to do this is to take notes during a lecture class.

Students at a seminar shouldn’t just take notes from the professor like they would at a lecture. Instead, they should take part in more discussions. Students are free to say whatever they want in seminars.

They also get to have deep conversations about the issues, which they wouldn’t be able to do in a lecture. A student can also choose to look into other options.

Seminars vs. Lectures Similarities

Both professors and students give both lectures and seminars.
Both are held to help the students learn and grow.

Seminar vs. Lecture Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of the Seminar

Pros of Seminar

  • Seminars are the best way to learn for people who don’t like going to lectures or reading books.
  • At seminars, students can meet other students who are interested in and worried about the same things about their profession.

Cons of Seminar

  • Some of the seminars have outrageous fees to get in. Also, it can be expensive to get to the place where the conference is held.
  • The topic of the seminar doesn’t have to have anything to do with your business or studies. You’re wasting your time because of this.

Pros and Cons of Lecture

Pros of Lecture

  • A lecture can teach a large group of people a lot of new things.
  • Lectures may be interesting to people who like to learn by hearing.

Cons of Lecture

  • During the lecture, it is impossible to tell if the students are interested in the topic or not.
  • During the lecture, all students, no matter how well they understand, must learn in the same place from the same lecturer.
  • Lectures only focus on learning through listening, which could be a problem for students who prefer to learn in other ways.

Seminar vs. Lecture FAQs

What’s Better, Seminar or Lecture?

Both the lecture and the seminar are important in the academic world. The lectures are long and have a lot for the students to learn. Students have to talk about their papers, group projects, and other things in seminars.

Are Lectures Bigger than Seminars?

Yes, lectures are bigger and are given to more students. Group sizes are smaller in seminars.

Seminar vs. Lecture

Is a Seminar a Lecture?

No, the seminar is mostly just a group of students talking to a professor. On the other hand, a lecture is something where only the professor can talk about a certain topic.

Is a Tutorial a Seminar?

A lesson and a seminar are both types of gatherings, but they are not the same. A tutorial has a teacher and a small group of students, while a seminar is a discussion-based meeting.

Are Seminar Classes Easy?

Some college students think that seminars are easier than classes, but seminars still require a lot of work. In a typical seminar, teachers gave students things to read up on before class.


Students and professors work together in both lectures and seminars to help students learn and grow. Most people don’t know how to choose between a seminar and a lecture because of this.

The main difference between the two is that in a lecture, the professor talks about academic research, while in a seminar, the student and professor talk back and forth.

The lecture is all about the speaker, who is always talking and giving information about a certain subject. On the other hand, professors don’t take part in the seminar very much.

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