Green Eyes vs. Hazel Eyes: 7 Difference, Definition, Explanation

Both green eyes and hazel eyes have red and yellow pigments. Both eye colours are sought after due to their scarcity.

The main thing that sets hazel eyes apart from green eyes is their pigmentation. The pigment in hazel eyes is brownish-black and reddish yellow, while the pigment in green eyes is reddish yellow.

What Are Green Eyes?

Green eyes are some of the rarest in the world. Green eyes have almost as much melanin as blue eyes but not as much as brown eyes. Also, green eyes are mostly a colour that looks like a mix of red and yellow.

People with green eyes are most common in northern and central Europe. However, green eyes are also common in places like Iceland, where 90% of people have either green or blue eyes.

What Are Hazel Eyes?

Only 5% of people in the world have hazel eyes, which is also very rare.

Green Eyes vs. Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are brownish-black or reddish-yellow in colour and have more melanin than green eyes. Most people in Spain, North Africa, and Brazil have eyes like these.

Hazel eyes are more likely to get sun damage than brown eyes because they have less melanin. Sunglasses are necessary to protect your eyes from sun damage.

Key Differences Between Green and Hazel Eyes

ComponentsGreen EyesHazel Eyes
Dominant pigmentationThe dominant pigmentation in green eyes is reddish yellow in color and called pheomelanin.Hazel eyes have two dominant pigmentations, one bis pheomelanin like green eyes other is eumelanin
AttractivenessIn the comparison of green vs. Hazel eye color, green is viewed as more attractive.Hazel eyes are at the third number in the list of attractiveness.
Health concernsPeople with green irises have more risk of eye melanoma and have a higher tolerance to pain.People with hazel irises have less pain tolerance and are more vulnerable to anxiety and depression.
Number of colorsGreen eyes have only one solid color as these eyes have only one dominant pigmentation, which is pheomelanin.Hazel eyes are a combination of brown, green, and gold colors. That’s why green eyeshadow hazel eyes are very popular, and people with hazel eyes sometimes seem like they have green eyes.
PopularityGreen eyes are more popular because only two percent of the global population has green-colored eyes.Suppose we talk about hazel Vs. Green eyes. Hazel eyes are less popular. And have 5% of rarity.
PresenceMany people in Scotland, Ireland, and northern Europe have green eyes.In Many countries of Brazil, Spain, and northern Africa, hazel eyes are very common.
CelebritiesMany famous actors and actresses have green eyes like Scarlet Johansson, Kristen Stewart, Bruce Willis, and Adrien Brody.Tyra Banks, Rihana, Jason stathmin, Emma Roberts, John Mayer, Adam Levine, and many more celebrities have hazel eyes.

Amber vs. Hazel Eyes

Most of the people who answered got their yellow and hazel eyes mixed up. But they are not the same because hazel eyes have hints of brown and green while amber eyes are mostly one color.

But if you compare how rare amber eyes are to hazel eyes, they are both 5% rare around the world.

Green Eyes vs. Hazel Eyes Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Green Eyes

Pros of Green Eyes

  • Only 2% of people have green eyes, which is one of the rarest eye colors. This is one reason why green eyes are thought to be so attractive.
  • People with green eyes seem to have great qualities like being smart, creative, passionate, and able to lead.

Cons of Green Eyes

  • Less melanin is in green eyes than in blue eyes. Because of this, it is more likely to be damaged by UV rays than those with more melanin, which protects against sun damage.
  • Green-eyed kids are born with brown or blue eyes, and it takes them between six months and three years to turn green.

Pros and Cons of Hazel Eyes

Pros of Hazel Eyes

  • Hazel eyes have more melanin, which protects them from UV light. Melanin is good for the nerves in the brain as well.
  • People believe that Hazel’s eyes show that she can do anything on her own and is self-sufficient.

Cons of Hazel Eyes

  • When a person with hazel eyes has an allergy, like hay fever, their eyes turn a fiery red.
  • Only 5% of the people in the world have hazel eyes. When compared to green eyes, hazel eyes are rarer and less common.

Are My Eyes Green or Hazel?

The brown-to-green colour of hazel eyes comes from a combination of Rayleigh scattering and a higher concentration of melanin around the pupils. When seen in normal lighting, hazel eyes are a mix of two colours: brown or gold and green.

The amount of melanin in the iris is directly related to how brown the colour is. Hazel eyes can have brown, dark brown, or amber-brown pupils.

Some people with hazel eyes see their eyes change colour from hazel to green or brown. Most of the time, this happens when something changes in the environment, like the amount of light in a room or the colour of things nearby. The ratio of brown to green in the iris also plays a role in this change in eye colour.

When green is more noticeable than brown, hazel eyes look green. This can happen in green lighting or when there is a bright green object nearby, like a bright green party dress. When brown is more noticeable than green, a brown object in the environment can make hazel eyes look brown.

Because of this, hazel eyes are often mixed up with green or brown eyes. As was already said, this change in colour doesn’t cause any physical changes in the eye. How we see the colour of our eyes is what really changes.

How to Observe Your Eye Color

Here are some tips to help you figure out what colour you really are:

Green Eyes vs. Hazel Eyes

  1. Look at your eyes in natural light. Try looking at your eyes during the day. Don’t use fake light because it’s not accurate.
  2. Stand in front of a white background. Stand in front of a white background and get rid of anything that might change the colour of your eyes.
  3. If you don’t have a friend to help you with this task, a small mirror can be useful (a mirror is actually more accurate than a phone, which can distort the color).
  4. Put on a white shirt. The colour of your shirt may make your eyes look a different colour than they really are. Wearing a white shirt is recommended to avoid this risk.
Hazel eyes are a mix of green, brown, and gold. There is a burst of one colour near the pupil, and the outer part of the iris is a different colour.

How Is Your Eye Color Determined?

Even though genes play a big role in eye colour, scientists just found out that up to 16 genes are involved, with HERC2 and OCA2 being the most important.

While OCA2 is in charge of making melanin, it is HERC2’s job to turn on and off this gene as needed. As your OCA2 activity goes up, so will the colour of your eyes.

It used to be thought that a child’s eyes couldn’t be different from either parent’s.

There are two things that affect how the colour of an eye looks:

  1. How much melanin is in the eye’s iris?
  2. How the iris spreads out light

As was already said, the colour of your eyes is determined by how much of a brown pigment called melanin is in the cells of the iris.

This means that there are no limits to what could happen. People with less melanin in their iris, for example, will have lighter-colored eyes (blue or green) than those with more melanin, who will have brown eyes.

Can Your Eye Color Change?

Your eye colour could change during puberty, if you get hurt, if you are pregnant, or if you get older, but this is rare. Also, your eyes can’t change colour depending on how you feel, the weather, the time of day, etc.

Your attitude might make your pupils bigger or smaller, but it doesn’t change their colour. If your eyes are changing, it’s almost always because of light.

People who want to make a change should get coloured contact lenses. Even though this is only a temporary fix, it can be fun to try out different looks this way.

What Is the Rarest Eye Color?

Most people don’t have eyes that are amber, violet-red, or grey. Only 2% of people have green eyes, making them the next rarest. Most people with green eyes live in Northern, Central, and Western Europe.

But hazel eyes are one of the less common colours of eyes. World Atlas says that about 5% of the world’s people have hazel eyes, making them less common than brown or blue eyes.


Are Green Eyes and Hazel Eyes the Same?

No, green eyes and hazel eyes are not the same in other ways. For example, green eyes have less melanin than hazel eyes. Also, fewer people have hazel eyes than green eyes.

What Is the Prettiest Eye Color?

Blue eyes are thought to be the most beautiful because they are so rare, but green eyes are also very pretty.

Green Eyes vs. Hazel Eyes

What Are the Benefits of Green Eyes?

Most people don’t have green eyes. That’s why people think they’re so attractive. In popular culture, people with green eyes are also very popular.

Which Are More Rare, Green or Hazel Eyes?

Only 2% of people in the world have green eyes, which is a small number. Also, 5% of people have eyes that are hazel.

How Rare Are Hazel Green Eyes?

Hazel-green eyes are not as common as blue eyes, but not more so. Only about 5% of the people in the world have hazel or hazel-green eyes.

What Color Makes Hazel Green Eyes Pop?

Olive green is the best colour to wear with hazel eyes, since hazel eyes are a mix of green and brown and should look olive green.

What Eyeshadow Brings Out the Green in Hazel Eye Color?

The green in hazel eyes can be brought out by golden-green eye shadow.

What Does Having Green Eyes Mean?

People with green eyes are thought to be smarter, more positive, more creative, and more passionate.

What Nationality Has Hazel Eyes?

Most people who have hazel eyes are from the Middle East, North Africa, Brazil, or Spain.


Both green and hazel eyes are unique and rare. The colour of these eyes is based on a baby’s genes and what colour eyes they should have. When it comes to genetics, people with green eyes have less melanin than people with hazel eyes.

Because of this, these eyes are more likely to get hurt by the sun and UV rays. Images of green eyes and hazel eyes can help you tell the difference between the two.

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