Burgundy vs. Maroon: What’s The Difference Between Burgundy And Maroon Colors?

Burgundy and maroon are two different names for the same colour, which is red. There is a little distinction between the two, but the majority of people wouldn’t be able to determine which one is which based just on appearance.

The colour burgundy is created by combining red and purple, whereas maroon is created by combining red and brown. The combined effect of these two hues produces a dark crimson.

HEX Codes#800020 / #800000
Base ColorRed
Appearancereddish-brown or brownish-red
Color MatchWhite, teal, grey, brown, pink, and blue

Defining Burgundy and Maroon Colors for a Clear Understanding

What is Burgundy?

Burgundy is a very dark red colour with a hint of purple in it.

What colour is this exactly?

A deeper shade of red, maroon seems to be more brown than red on the colour wheel.

Considering the Benefits and Drawbacks of Burgundy and Maroon

Pros associated with Burgundy

  • Burgundy is synonymous with an affluent society.
  • It is used as a hair colourant.
  • It is extremely popular among women all over the world.

Cons associated with Burgundy

  • Depending on how much purple is added, burgundy can be a slightly different colour from red.
  • It’s becoming more and more of a colour that only women wear.

Pros associated with maroon

  • Maroon is a deep red colour.
  • It is used in many places for school uniforms.
  • It is thought to be a colour that works for both men and women.

The cons associated with maroon

  • You can’t tint your hair maroon.
  • It’s a very common colour, so you might not stand out at a party if you wear it.

What are the similarities between burgundy and maroon?

Knowing how the two colours are alike will help you tell the difference between dark red, burgundy, and maroon.

  • Burgundy and maroon are both darker versions of the colour red.
  • The main colour they use is red.

What is the difference between maroon and burgundy?

DescriptionBurgundy is a deep shade of purple-red.Maroon is a deeper and richer version of the colour red.
HistoryThe colour was made to look like Burgundy wine from France. This colour was also influenced by the colour of a suit Will Farrell wore in the movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.The word maroon comes from the French word for chestnut, which is marron. This colour is called “maroon” because of the colour of this nut. Vajrayana Buddhist monks also wore robes in this color.
HEX codeIt has a #800020 code.It has a #800000 code.
Base ColorsThe main colours are red and purple.The main colours are red and brown.
AppearanceThe future appears to be deep red. You could also call it reddish brown.The view is either brownish-red or a deeper red.
Existence of burgundy vs. maroon vs. wineBurgundy is a real colour that can be found in wine.There is no such thing as a “natural maroon color.” It was made just for you.
AssociationBurgundy is known for being a high-class area.People think of low-class people when they see maroon.
SymbolizeBurgundy is a sign of power, wealth, and success.Maroon stands for bravery and giving things up.
PopularityBurgundy is a well-known colour for sheets and pillowcases.The colour maroon is often used in restaurant logos and menus.

What Is the Distinction Between Burgundy and Bordeaux?

Bordeaux is closer to the red side of the colour wheel, while burgundy has a touch of purple to it.

What colour goes with burgundy?

The best colour for fall is burgundy. Since this is a very bright red, it will look great with some lighter colours. Burgundy looks great with beige, white, and light grey, which are the most obvious colours that go with it. Try turquoise or pure denim for a look that really stands out. Your burgundy dress will look better with these colours.

What’s the difference between red and maroon?

“Red” is a word that has more than one meaning. Depending on how the words are used, they can have different meanings. Red is a rich colour that can also be called the colour of blood.

At the same time, maroon is a shade of red that is darker. The colour red comes from mixing yellow and magenta, while the colour maroon comes from mixing red and brown. Most of the time, red is the main colour for maroon.

How do you wear burgundy boots?

Burgundy boots can’t be worn in just one way. Burgundy boots can be worn in a huge number of different ways. These are the most common and popular ways:

  • Burgundy ankle boots with rolled-up loose jeans
  • Burgundy boots with high heels and skinny jeans
  • a pair of shorts and burgundy ankle boots.
  • Burgundy boots that are in style and a burgundy cardigan
  • Burgundy boots with a pencil heel, a pencil skirt in navy blue, and a burgundy jacket

Every time you wear your burgundy boots, you can give them a new and different look.

Can you wear black with burgundy?

Black is, in fact, a neutral color. It goes pretty well with burgundy.

What can I wear with maroon boots?

For a casual event, you can wear your red boots with grey jeans and a stylish red top. If you want to wear maroon to a formal event, try it with black, white, or beige. For a party, your maroon boots will look great with a light peach or light pink dress.

Does burgundy go with blue?

blue and burgundy! But blue comes in so many different shades. No matter what shade of blue you’re talking about, burgundy goes well with all of them.

What colour matches maroon?

A wide range of hues complement maroon. Maroon may be worn with:

  • White
  • Teal
  • Gray
  • Brown
  • Pink
  • Blue

What season can I wear burgundy?

Winter is the best time to wear a burgundy dress. The best time to wear burgundy shoes or boots is in the fall, when most people wear light-colored clothes.

How do you make red lipstick?

The maroon colour is made by mixing two colours together. Maroon-red is made by mixing the primary and basic colour red with the secondary colour brown. How dark the maroon is will depend on how much brown is in the mixture.

Choosing a Burgundy or Maroon Color

Red is the main colour in both burgundy and maroon, so they are very similar. The main difference between maroon and burgundy is that burgundy looks reddish brown, while maroon looks brownish red. Choose burgundy if you want a bit of purple, but choose maroon if you want a darker red.

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