Bloods vs. Crips: What’s the Difference? 7 Facts

The Bloods and the Crips are two of the best-known gangs in Los Angeles. People in both groups have been blamed for a lot of crime in the United States.

Both gangs started in Los Angeles, and they have been rivals ever since. Even though they fight each other on the streets, the Bloods and Crips have had a big effect on American culture.

Who are the Bloods?

Several street gangs got together to form the Bloods in response to the rise of the Crips. They started in Los Angeles in 1972, and the colour red is their uniform. Hand signs are used as gang symbols.

The Bloods are a street gang from California’s Los Angeles Their name comes from the fact that they wore red clothes a lot to show who they were loyal to.

The Bloods are involved in a wide range of illegal activities, such as stealing, selling drugs, and killing people. They are thought to have between 20,000 and 25,000 members.

Bloods vs. Crips

The Bloods are mostly made up of African Americans, while the Crips have members of all different races.

Most of the Bloods are between 15 and 30 years old, so they are also a younger group. The Bloods gang doesn’t have a leader, but it is split into sets, and each set has its own structure.

Who are the Crips?

In 1969, Stanley Williams and Raymond Washington started a gang called the Crips. They planned to take over the southern suburbs of Los Angeles, California.

The Crips are mostly active in big cities on the West Coast, and their leadership is more organized than that of the Bloods. Most of the gang’s members live in the United States.

Members of the Crips usually wear blue. The gang is one of the most dangerous in the United States. It has between 30,000 and 35,000 members.

They do bad things like murder, robbery, gambling, prostitution, and selling drugs. The Crips were first formed to protect their neighbourhood from dangers from outside.

But over time, the gang started to add people from the area, which made it bigger and stronger. The fights between the Crips went from fistfights to gunfights.

Main Distinctions Between the Bloods and the Crips

The Crips were a gang that formed in the late 1960s and early 1970s in Los Angeles, California.

The Bloods were mostly made up of smaller street gangs that got together to fight the growing power of the Crips. The Bloods were started by the Piru Street Boys, who were the main group.

Raymond Washington started a gang called “Baby Avenues” or “Avenue Cribs” to show how young the members were. At first, the gang told people that it was trying to keep outsiders out of the neighborhood.

This story didn’t last long, though, and the gang was soon caught stealing, killing, selling drugs, and doing other illegal things.

Bloods vs. Crips

Raymond Washington’s gang from the east side of Los Angeles joined forces with Stanley Williams’ gang from the west side to form an alliance to protect their respective areas of control.

Washington hated guns and wanted to settle disagreements by fighting with his hands. But when more local gangs joined, making the Crips one of the biggest street gangs, his power started to decrease.

He was killed in 1979. Most of the people in the gang were African Americans who liked to wear blue.

As the number of Crips grew, they started to go after other gangs. During this time, some gangs that weren’t Crips joined forces to form an alliance.

The most famous of them were the Pirus, or Piru Street Boys. This partnership led to the formation of a gang called the Bloods. The Bloods like to wear red to stand out.

The smaller gangs that joined the alliance were called “sets.” After a few years, the effect was felt all over the United States.

The sets on the east coast were linked to the United Bloods Nation, or UBN, which was quickly shortened to just “Bloods.”

Key Differences Between Bloods And Crips

FormationFormed by small street gangsFormed by two individuals
AimVoice against the growing influence of the cripsCome to power
FoundersSome street gangs headed by Piru street boysRaymond Washington and Stanley Williams
Identification colorRed colorBlue color
TerritoryUnited States & CanadaUnited States
Ethnic groupAfrican Americans, Latinos, whites, and Asian AmericansMainly African Americans.
Population20,000 to 25,00030,000 to 35,000.


In 1969, Raymond Washington and Stanley Williams decided to join forces and form the Crips.

Blood was made when rival gangs, like the Piru Street Boys, came together to stop the growth of the Crips.

Crip gang members like to wear blue clothes, while Bloods like to wear red clothes.

When these gangs first started fighting, they wanted to control the neighborhoods. Now, they want to control illegal and criminal activities.

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