JOHANNES GRENZFURTHNER (EDITOR IN CHIEF AND LICENSED HETEROTROPH) Johannes is an artist and a filmmaker, writer, performer, and researcher. He’s the founder and artistic director of monochrom, an art and theory group and film-production company that acts internationally. BoingBoing referred to Grenzfurthner as leitnerd, a wordplay that ironically hints at his role in nerd, hacker, and art culture. Johannes is a lecturer on transmedia arts at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria, and communication theory at Leuphana University in Lueneburg, Germany. After directing feature-length documentaries Traceroute (2016) and Glossary of Broken Dreams (2018), Johannes continues working on feature- film projects such as Masking Threshold and Positive Pressure. He’s head of the Arse Elektronika sex and tech festival and the Hedonistika food-tech festival, and he’s the host of Roboexotica, the festival for cocktail robotics.

CHRISTIAN SMETANA (EDITOR IN CHIEF AND CONTENT CHARMER) has joined THE FREE LUNCH to team up with Johannes as co-editor-in-chief. Christian's passions are language, art, and communication. In addition to studying theater and journalism in Vienna and Berlin, he has realized numerous plays and published poetry and prose. Christian worked as a dramaturg at the opera, he was part of the dramaturgy of the Salzburg Festival and the Wiener Festwochen, and he was co-responsible for the publications of the festivals. From there, Christian moved into the field of the contemporary art, and writing about art is one of his core task at MAM Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art, Vienna. Christian likes to make complex processes comprehensible while keeping his eyes open for new things.

PER CROMWELL (CREATIVE MANAGER AND CHIEF INTERVENTIONIST) Per is a Swedish creative and visual artist with a background in avant-garde communication, innovation, and activism. Maybe he’s most known for being one of the co-founders of the notorious Swedish advertising- nouveau agency Studio Total, which created an international scandal by illegally dropping teddy bears with parachutes over the Belarussian capital, Minsk. Per co-founded the Innovation Lab, the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery, and Wheelys Cafe. He also created Moby Mart, a self-driving grocery store that was awarded the Financial Times Boldness in Business trophy. Per is a published photographer, as well as a guest professor in design at Hefei University in China.

THOMAS SMETANA (GENERAL MANAGER AND ART OUTREACH) Thomas Smetana has been working as an internationally acclaimed photographer for almost 30 years. Well-connected in the international art scene, Thomas is inspired by artistic visions that he uses to develop unconventional solutions for urgent economic, sociopolitical, and ecological problems of our time. Thomas’s unconventional approach facilitates a synergy of art, science, and business that makes future-oriented projects a reality.

CHRISTOPH BRUNMAYR (STRATEGIST AND FELLOW FUTURIST) Christoph advises various international clients to help them understand and envision the digitally fueled, disruptive changes of tomorrow’s world, and then helps them to transform this foresight into brand and business strategies. He has been busy running an experience and engagement agency, and founding and mentoring several start-ups in the creative industry and mobile scene. Currently, he’s overseeing the launch of The Free Lunch Commission.

REBECCA WIEDERSTEIN (HEAD OF PRINT LOGISTICS AND MAGAZINE MANAGEMENT) Rebecca Wiederstein is a creative strategist, project manager, and magazine lover. She’s the owner of a little agency called Rakete and one of the developers of the sports and lifestyle magazine 110%. Initially coming from the digital side of the world, she fell in love with physical magazines, and she started to connect the dots between digital and physical content. In a nutshell, she’s totally into brands and content.

TAMARA POJER (PROJECT MANAGER AND ORGANIZATIONAL SORCERY) Tamara is a Vienna-based project manager with a background in e-commerce and digital marketing. She has a curious and progressive mind, as well as a high interest in cultural and political developments in an increasingly digitized society such as ours.

NICOLAS FREY (GRAPHIC DESIGN MAESTRO) Nicolas is a creative director at theend.is. Whenever brands reach out for an exclusive team of creatives, Nicolas and his task force bring the best thinkers and doers, in digital and analog, to one table. They make brand identities, branded content, and commercials, with customers such as Apple or Red Bull. Other than that, you’ll find Nicolas somewhere far away from civilization. Most likely with his two little girls, or on his bike or snowboard.

MAXIMILIAN MAURACHER (GRAPHIC DESIGN AND ART WIZARD) Maximilian Mauracher is a graphic designer and art director born in Austria, now based in Berlin. He specializes in creative, strategic, and holistic solutions for objects, stories, and spaces, putting content first. While working for design studios, advertising agencies, and nice people in culture and commerce, he initiated several projects in the fields of art, sound art, and publishing. At the age of 19, he joined his first magazine project as a designer. Numerous years, books, and indie magazines later, his desire to create a beautiful and exciting print product has still not vanished.

CHRIS S. SIMS (EDITOR AND WORD WARLOCK) Chris is an editor, game designer, and writer best known for work on three editions of the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. He has been in the gaming industry for 17 years, producing adventures, characters, dialog, storylines, and worlds for games from Magic: the Gathering to State of Decay 2. Chris has helped Johannes with language in films from Glossary of Broken Dreams to Masking Threshold. The Free Lunch is his third magazine, after a production stint as an editor on Dragon and Dungeon magazines.

ISHAN RAVAL (HEAD COLUMNIST AND OPINIONATOR) Ishan Raval is an Indic-American writer. He’s interested in political and economic innovation, and in whether a nonliberal internationalist order could best coordinate planetary complexity as is needed in this century.

JOSHUA ELLINGSON (ARTISTIC COMMENTATOR AND VISUAL COLUMNIST) Joshua Ellingson is an artist specializing in illustration for books, websites, posters, and merchandise. When he’s not making art for clients, you can find him obsessing about vintage thrift-store finds or highly adoptable rescue dogs, or exploring the history and intricacies of just about anything.

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